Rod Abernethy

composer - film, television and games


DAMAGED CORE / High Voltage Software-Oculus Rift

Adventure Time / Vicious Cycle-Cartoon Network

TOME: Immortal Arena / Kixeye

Marvel: Dark Reign / D3 Publisher

Pacific Rim The Game / Warner Bros.

RAGE / id software-Bethesda Game Studios

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger / Ubisoft

Turbo Super Stunt Squad / Dreamworks - D3 Publisher

Ben 10: Project Delta / Cartoon Network

Dead Space / EA

TERA / Bluehole Studio / Korea

Madagascar 3 / Dreamworks-D3Publisher

Star Trek: Legacy / Bethesda-Paramount

Alpha Protocol / Obsidian-SEGA

Earth Defense Force / D3Publisher

Madagascar Kartz / Sidhe-Activision-Dreamworks

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond / D3Publisher-Vicious Cycle

Ben 10 Omniverse / Cartoon Network

Eat Lead / D3Publisher-Vicious Cycle

Transformers: Animated / Activision

The Wheelman / Midway

Blacksite: Area 51 / Midway

Ben 10 Galactic Racing / D3Publisher

Indoor Sports Konami / Nintendo

Dead Head Fred / D3 Publishing-Vicious Cycle

Transformers: Autobots / Activision

Transformers: Decepticons / Activision

Hour of Victory / Midway

Horsez 1 & 2 / Ubisoft

Babyz / Ubisoft

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII / Ubisoft

Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII / Ubisoft

Slient Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific / Ubisoft

Star Trek: Tactical Assault / Bethesda-Paramount

Star Trek: Encounters / Bethesda-Paramount

Rayman: Raving Rabbids / Ubisoft

Marvel VS. / Konami

Blazing Angels / Ubisoft

Flushed Away / D3 Publishing-Vicious Cycle-Dreamworks

Zathura / Take 2 Interactive-Sony Pictures

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows / Midway

Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War / Midway

Jaws Unleashed / Majesco

Pac-Man World Rally / Namco

Area 51 / Midway

Rise Of The Kasai / Sony Computer Entertainment America

King Arthur / Konami-Touchstone Pictures

The Sims Bustin Out / Electronic Arts-Maxis

The Urbz / Electronic Arts-Maxis

The Hobbit / Vivendi Universal-Sierra Entertainment

Wild Wild West / Warner Bros. Interactive

Joan of Arc: Wars & Warriors / Enlight Software

Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of The Force / Ubisoft

Monster Garage / Activision

Cabelaís Big Game Hunter / Activision

Atlantis The Lost Continent / Disney/THQ

Dora The Explorer / Monkey Bar Games-Nickelodeon

Curious George / Vicious Cycle-Nickelodeon

Shinobi / THQ

Altered Beast / THQ

Looney Tunes Assorted Nuts / Warner Bros.

Dark Side Of The Moon / SouthPeak Interactive

Ellis Island / The History Channel

Atomic Pongling / Adveractive-Playtonium

Temujin / SouthPeak Interactive



Certain Proof / STARZ

Monday Night Football - ESPN

Sister Wives - TLC

Katie (with Katie Couric) / Disney-ABC

Dateline NBC

Top Gear Australia / BBC Worldwide

Ultimate Factories / National Geographic

Pawn Stars / The History Channel

CSI Miami (Promo)

Notes From The Underbelly / ABC

The Academy / Fox

Flip This House / A&E

Planet Earth / Discovery Channel (promo)

Inside the NFL / HBO

Spongebob Squarepants / Nickelodeon

Cartoon Network (national spot)

Sucking Amps / Discovery Channel

Attack Of The Show / G4


Icons / G4

Cheat! / G4


This is the P.G.A. Tour / ESPN

Futurama - Comedy Network (national spot)

Subway (national spot)

Lego Exoforce (national spot)

HBO Boxeo (national spot)

The Amazing Race / CBS

Reality Remix House / FOX

Ultimate Goals / A&E

Breakthrough / TLC

Tour De Trump / ESPN

The WoodWright’s Shop / PBS

A Greater Calling / PBS



TOME Immortal Arena / Kixeye

Pacific Rim (game) / Warner Bros.-Legendary Pictures

RAGE / id Software


The Big White / Ascendant Pictures-Capital Films (Movie Trailer)

Darksiders Promotional Trailer / Vigil/THQ

Destiny Of Zorro Promotional Trailer / 505 Games

Heroes of Might and Magic V Promotional Trailers / Ubisoft

Lineage II: Scions of Destiny Promotional Traile / NC Soft

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Promotional Trailers / Ubisoft

The HOBBIT - Vivendi Universal

Warhawk Promotional Trailers / SCEA

Zu Warriors / Miramax (Movie Trailer)


FRAT STAR / a film by Grant S. Johnson - starring Chris Elliot

  What About Maddie / directed by Ray Ellis

Certain Proof / directed and produced by Ray and Susan Ellis

No Greater Calling / directed by Clay Johnson - starring Edward James Olmos